Chairman’s Message

As Pakistan's largest and pioneering business establishment, The Pak Shaheen Group has a long track record of impressive achievements. We believe that the Ports and Shipping sectors are important vehicles for economic growth, global integration, infrastructure development and promotion of industrial and commercial activity. We have largely succeeded in translating this belief into pulsating and positive resultant action.

Based upon the strength of our performance and the capability to deliver, there arises a new business goal, which is to share our wealth of experience and the caliber of our expertise with new dynamic partners who are ready to embark on a new voyage of empowerment, enhancement and establishment of avenues to provide breakthroughs in port and shipping line operations.

What are the motivating factors that lead our worldwide business partners to do business with us? The reasons are many: Our presence is as vast, strong and impact full as the 50 years of age that we are. Like Rome was not built in a day, the Pak Shaheen business empire also took over half a century of dedication and hard working efforts.

We have the power of infrastructure that's rock solid, one that works to deliver results, we have shaped development accordingly. The dream of touching every sea port and airport in Pakistan has been realized by our Group. In fact, we are in the elements everywhere air, water or land, engaged in a diverse range of haulage through a wider range of transportation. We are consistent and successful in linking key highways through an integrated operational base that offers the best in services to every nook and corner of the country. As you will see in the pages that follow, we talk about the '3S' Advantage of the Pak Shaheen Group i.e., "Strength, Size & Services". I would add another 'S' by representing it with 'Success'.

To end this message, I will have just this to say about Pak Shaheen Group's commitment to perfection and excellence: "Yes, we will".